Eat Healthy

Tips to Save and Eat Healthy

A sizable portion of our income goes into what we eat. Of course it does. We not only need to eat to survive, eating is one of life’s universal and simple pleasures. Whether you are someone who likes breakfast so much you will have breakfast food any time of day or someone who enjoys a sugary treat after your meal, eating is one of most sublime ways humans have of experiencing and enjoying the world.

However it is for all the reasons which we have just said above that what you eat can so easily eat into your budget. Too often in the past I myself have looked at my budget and wonder “How did I go so far over budget, spend so much this month?” only to do some digging and realize it was on food, on snacks I did not need, or on too many meals at restaurants. Things that also were not healthy for me. 

You can still save money while also having a diet that is healthy. We are not talking about starving yourself or about going on any specialty diets meant to either lose weight and get you into a specific shape. If you are trying to adjust your diet for a specific purpose you should probably speak with a specialist who can give you the best advice for both your goals and your body. Instead these are just some tips for you to think about before while shopping or before you decide to eat at a restaurant or order delivery. 

5 Tips to Save and Eat Healthy

Eat Less  

Now again, we do not mean for you to starve yourself or go on a stringent diet. Instead we are talking about portion control. Try to stop yourself from eating seconds. Avoid large portions. Eat enough to satisfy your appetite but do not eat until you are full. Self-discipline is the name of the game. This way you are controlling how much food you take in and how much you consume. By the latter we refer to having more leftovers. By controlling how much you eat per meal, including both things you cooked yourself, ordered delivered, or from a restaurant, you are prolonging how long that food lasts. Getting more meals for your buck.


Consider incorporating dried beans as a central ingredient in multiple meals over the course of a week. Beans are a highly affordable source of protein, as opposed to much more expensive per pound meat. In addition they can be cooked and prepared into a massive variety of meals depending on your personal preferences and what you are in the mood to enjoy.

Avoid Processed & Pre-Packaged

Processed and pre-packaged food may not always be one and the same but they do have one thing in common. They are more expensive. Things like pre-packaged salads can be convenient on the surface but the salad itself will not last long before going to spoil. Food that is heavily processed most often lacks nutrients and more often is chock full of preservatives and sugars that are not good for you in more than small quantities. Processed can mean cookies, soda (which is especially bad for you), candy, crackers, and frozen meals. 

Leaner Meats

Just because you are eating smarter and healthier does not mean you have to cut meat out entirely, unless of course you are a vegetarian or vegan. For those who do enjoy some meat in your diet consider getting ground meat, chuck steak, pork top sirloin steak, and whole chicken to list a few options. You can often get these kinds of meat in enough bulk to cook either singular large dishes that can be spread out over multiple meals or a variety of dishes for different days.