Gen Zs and Millennial Investors: Where Do They Usually Invest?

Generation Z and Millennials have easier access to the stock exchange and other forms of investing than any other generation before them. The Motley Fool polled 1,400 people aged 18 to 40 in April 2021 about the sorts of assets they have, the stocks they hold, the economic sectors they participate in, and the criteria they evaluate when deciding whether to buy a company.

Gen Z and millennial traders, according to the poll, invest in a mix of old and emerging asset classes, stock kinds, and industries. In addition, despite recent media focus on SPACs, IPOs, and meme shares, most young investors are hesitant to own them.

Stock ownership was more common among young investors than any other asset type, with nearly two-thirds of participants stating stock ownership. Millennials were somewhat more likely than Gen Z members to hold equities.

With 45 percent of respondents investing in mutual funds, they were the second most popular kind of asset among individuals aged 18 to 40. While Generation Z members were more likely than millennials to own equities, millennial investors were more likely than Gen Z investors to own mutual funds, with 47 percent of millennial investors owning mutual funds compared to just 35 percent of Gen Z investors.

Cryptocurrencies were regarded by 40% of respondents to be the third most popular kind of investment, beating out stocks, alternatives, asset classes, ETFs, and other choices. Crypto was the third biggest kind of asset among all respondents, while Gen Z investors were the second most likely to own it. At the time of our study, 47 percent of Gen Z investors had cryptocurrencies, compared to 39 percent of millennials.

Retail respondents aged 18 to 40 were also more likely than female investors to own cryptocurrencies, with 46 percent of male respondents owning the asset compared to only 33 percent of female respondents.

Options were also more popular among Gen Z members than mutual fund schemes and bonds, which were the second and fourth most popular investment forms among all respondents. Only 30% of millennials had alternatives, whereas 39 percent of Gen Z had them.

Millennials are also more inclined to invest in assets that are designed to be diversified, according to research. Mutual funds were the second most popular investment among millennials after equities, with 47 percent of millennials investing in them compared to just 35 percent of Gen Z.

Apple, on the other hand, is one of the companies leading the way for millennial and Gen Z investments, which should come as no surprise. Its stock is currently trading at $134.16, up from $69.23 during the previous year.

Covid-19 has undoubtedly contributed to the company’s growth, with people throughout the world depending on technology to stay connected more than ever. In Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico, and West Virginia, Apple is the most favored stock among the population group.


Millennials and Gen Zs have more easy access to current investment trends in the market. They are also smart in choosing where to invest and they won’t just wait for “one day” to start investing. However, since investing is a serious matter, it is best to always consider things, such as the history of the market, how it works, and more.