Is it possible to distinguish fake opinions from the real ones?

If you make purchases online on a regular basis, you are certainly aware of the fact the strategies for writing fake opinions and reviews used by some online stores are becoming more and more inventive. Even though many customers are pretty aware of such practices today, the strategies for writing fake texts have become so rich and various that one can still have hard times distinguishing the truth for a lie.

If you are wondering whether it is possible to understand the reviews you are reading are real at all, there is no guarantee for that. Yet, there are some things you should keep in mind which will let you navigate through the abundance of comments left of various platforms with more confidence.

Be aware of the existence of absolutely different strategies for writing fake comments

The very first thing you should remember is the fact fake comments can be of absolutely different types aiming to deceive potential customers in absolutely different ways. You might imagine such comments as the texts filled with excitement and happiness about the purchase, however, in the reality they might not only be rather modest when it comes to emotions but even be of a negative meaning. Indeed, it is a common practice to leave negative comments to one’s own goods composed in the way which does not show any real problems with this good.

You should also bear in mind the fact fake comments can be left on almost any platform which makes commenting possible in the first place. If you still believe the websites allowing clients to comment only under the condition of their registration and making a purchase, you should know this is exactly what sellers are doing just for a possibility of giving their goods an appropriate opinion.

Remember about the psychology of customers

One of the most helpful things while shopping online and checking comments and opinions about goods is to remember the psychology of customers.

Remember your own actions any time you buy anything online. In all likelihood, even if you liked the good and service very much, you will forget to write a positive review. Moreover, providing you reach the point of leaving a positive opinion, you will keep it short without any details. These are the things the majority of people are doing all over the world. This is so of course under the condition leaving a comment does not give any privileges or bonuses to a customer.

At the same time, the psychology of people is working in the way making them particularly eager to share negative emotions and feelings about their purchases. Many people are also eager to share exactly what was wrong with the goods they have purchased. If you keep these facts in mind, you will be able to notice many fake comments.

Pay attention to obviously unnatural comments

Certainly, those who want their products to be supported by fake opinions, are trying to make as natural texts as possible which does not necessarily work. There are different ways in which people are trying to achieve such effects but in many cases they make texts even more unnatural.

For instance, making mistakes on purpose or trying to create a particularly casual style of the texts can make them seem rather unrealistic. Another popular way of dealing with this task is creating a massive opinion with a variety of facts unrelated to the good itself. On the one hand it might seem normal that a person who was satisfied with the purchase is willing to share one’s enthusiasm, however, if there is no real information about the good itself in all of this amount of data, this is certainly strange.

Pay attention to negative comments which are lacking any real problems as well. Even though there are enough people writing negative comments without any facts which will give you a better understanding of the quality of a good, creating negative reviews which actually do not seem to be negative is a popular strategy used by sellers in order to reduce an excessive amount of positive comments and show some negative sides of their products while keeping the general view of the good positive. This can be done by mentioning a problem which does not concern any crucial features of the product or a problem which was rapidly solved by the shop itself.

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  1. I like google reviews because you can see the user’s previous reviews. If they only have 1 review, then I am suspicious

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