Detailed algorithm to understand your need for a new smartphone

In our previous article, we have already discussed the issue the smartphone industry is facing today. If you have come through it, you have certainly read our suggestions for getting a new model of a smartphone and how to estimate whether you need it in the first place.

Yet, it is obvious the industry is trying to make its best to make you believe your life will indeed change significantly with a purchase of a new smartphone and it might be challenging for you to ignore this manipulation. If you still have second thoughts about getting a new model, this article will present you detailed steps for estimation whether such a purchase is needed or not.

Can you turn your old smartphone on?

Obviously, the very first question you should ask yourself is whether it is possible to turn your old smartphone on or not. If you cannot do it and it is not possible to fix it for a reasonable price, you definitely need a new one.

Yet, if you can turn it on, let’s see the next step.

Does the screen have any cracks?

If you can see any cracks on the screen, you should think about whether the display itself has any crack or not. Cracks on the display is a sufficient reason to buy a new smartphone. Yet, if your phone has its cracks only on the screen itself, you should think about the time of using you’re the device.

In case you usually use it for more than two hours, you might still make a good decision choosing a new one. Of course you might be a person who just find it unbearable to look at the screen that has been broken no matter for how long do you have to do it. In such a case you might also be willing to buy a new smartphone.

Finally, even if you do not feel any discomfort about your broken screen but your job includes dealing with other clients who might notice these cracks, you might not be willing to create any negative impression on them and buy a new smartphone.

What if there are no cracks or they do not bother anyone?

Now, let’s assume your phone does not have any cracks or, even if there are some, you do not feel any discomfort while using them and there is no one who might have any thoughts about you that can bring some professional harm to you.

In such a case, you should think about any other features that are bothering you while you are using your smartphone. If there is anything serious, that is again a reason to buy a new one. Yet, if you cannot recall it, you should think about its functionality, whether it is sufficient for you.

In case you feel the functionality is not enough, it is reasonable to think about the existence of an alternative that would meet your requirements. It might actually happen there are no such phones in the first place. Even if there is one, you should be aware of the fact it might not be available in your country.

If the phone will be available in your country for a reasonable price, then, you might find it logical to buy a new smartphone, however, if it is too expensive or will be sold only unofficially, it will be better for you to refrain from such a purchase.

What is about the maximum work time of your phone?

It might happen your phone has any issues with charging and you might be constantly anxious about it running out of energy. If this is the case, you should also consider getting a new smartphone.

Are you worried about the opinions of other people?

It will be better for you not to bother about whatever anyone thinks about your smartphone if you yourself find this device reliable and convenient. Still, there are some people who tend to be too concerned about the opinion of others and this can cause them a lot of distress. Even is such a case it is highly recommended not to let this pressure to dictate your choices, yet, if you are feeling overwhelmed and unhappy because of some bulling coming from others and you can afford while you yourself are not happy about the device and can afford buying a new one, this might also be a reason for a purchase.